The Argentine Electricity Sector

  • Description of the Sector
History and Evolution of the Sector
Current Situation of the Sector
The Wholesale Electricity Market (‘WEM’)
Key Participants
Generation Dispatch and Fuels


  • Remuneration Scheme for Generation Not Covered by Contracts
Resolución SEE N° 19/17: Febrero 2017 – Febrero 2019
SRRYME Resolution No. 1/19: March 2019 – February 2020
SE Resolution No. 31/20: Current Spot Remuneration Scheme


  • Non-Spot Remuneration for Conventional Energy
Energía Plus
PPAs under SE Resolution No. 220/07
Agreement to Increase Thermal Generation Availability
PPAs under SEE Resolution No. 21/16
PPAs under SEE Resolution No. 287/17


  • Non-Spot Remuneration for Renewable Energy
RenovAr Program
Renewable Energy Distributed Generation


  • Tariff Situation
Transener’s Tariff Situation
Edenor’s Tariff Situation