Our Power Generation Plants

As of December 31, 2022, our power generation segment has an installed capacity of 5,088 MW, which represents 12% of Argentina’s installed capacity. By adding next 343 MW expansions developed by the Company, our total installed capacity would amount to 5,431 MW.


Type Plant Installed Capacity (MW)
Hydro Los Nihuiles Hydro Power Plant (‘HINISA’) 265
Diamante Hydro Power Plant (‘HIDISA’) 388
Pichi Picún Leufú Hydro Power Plant (‘HPPL’) 285
Thermal Loma de la Lata Thermal Power Plant (‘CTLL’) 780 (including expansion)
Güemes Thermal Power Plant (‘Güemes’ or ‘CTG’) 361
Piquirenda Thermal Power Plant (‘CTP’) 30
Piedra Buena Thermal Power Plant (‘CPB’) 620
Parque Pilar Thermal Power Plant (‘CTPP’) 100
Ingeniero White Thermal Power Plant (‘CTIW’) 100
Genelba Thermal Power Plant (‘CTGEBA’) 1,253
Ecoenergía Co-Generation Power Plant (‘EcoEnergía’) 14
Ensenada Barragán Thermal Power Plant (‘CTEB’) 567 + 280 of expansion
Renewable Engineer Mario Cebreiro Wind Farm (‘PEMC’) 100
Pampa Energía Wind Farm II (‘PEPE II’) 53
Pampa Energía Wind Farm III (‘PEPE III’) 53
Pampa Energía Wind Farm IV (‘PEPE IV’) 18 + 63 of expansion
Pampa Energía Wind Farm V (‘PEPE V’) 100
Total 5,088 + 343 of expansion