Hydro Power Plant Pichi Picún Leufú (‘HPPL’)

The HPPL plant started operating in the year 1999 under a 30-year concession. HPPL is located on the Limay River, in the Province of Neuquén. It has an installed capacity of 285 MW distributed in 3 Kaplan turbines, which represents 0.7% of Argentina’s installed capacity. The dam is made up of loose materials with a waterproof concrete side. It has a total length of 1,045 meters, a total height of 54 meters at the deepest point of the foundation, and a crest at 480.2 m above sea level. From 2000 to 2018, HPPL’s average annual generation was 968 GWh, with a generation record high of 1,430 GWh in 2006, and a record low of 494 GWh in 2016.



The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on HPPL:

2017 2018
Net Generation (GWh) 760 886
Purchases of Energy (GWh)
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 760 886
Average Price (US$/MWh) 22 22
Average Gross Profit (US$/MWh) 12 15

Note: Gross Margin before depreciation and amortization. AR$/US$ exchange rate: 2017 – 16.57; 2018 – 28.13.


Technical Data

Plant Unit Installed Capacity (MW) Start-Up Type of Unit
HPPL PPLEHI 285 1999 Hydroelectric