Hydro Power Plant Los Nihuiles (‘HINISA’)

In June 1994, HINISA was granted a 30-year concession for the generation, sale, and marketing of electricity from the Nihuiles hydroelectric system. Located on the Atuel river, in the Province of Mendoza, HIDISA has an installed capacity of 265 MW, which represents 0.7% of Argentina’s installed capacity, and consists of three dams and three hydroelectric power generation plants (Nihuil I, Nihuil II and Nihuil III), as well as a compensator dam. The Los Nihuiles System extends for a total distance of approximately 40 km with a height differential between 440 m and 480 m. From 1990 to 2017, its annual average generation was 838 GWh, with a record high of 1,250 GWh in 2006 and a record low of 516 GWh in 2014.



The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on HINISA:

2016 2017
Net Generation (GWh) 706 751
Purchases of Energy (GWh)
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 706 751
Average Price (US$/MWh) 17 24
Average Gross Profit (US$/MWh) 8 11

Note: Gross Margin before depreciation and amortization. AR$/US$ exchange rate: 2016 – 14.78; 2017 – 16.57.