Ensenada Barragán Thermal Power Plant (‘CTEB’)

CTEB is located in Ensenada’s petrochemical pole, Province of Buenos Aires, and currently is composed by two Siemens gas turbines commissioned in 2012, with a total power capacity of 567 MW, representing 1.4% of Argentina’s capacity. This thermal power plant may consume natural gas or gas oil, and, therefore, has two storage tanks with a combined capacity of 45,000 m3, and also has a port for the unloading of gas oil under construction at Isla Santiago, on the river of the same name, with a 20,000 m3 storage capacity in two tanks. Moreover, the closing to combined cycle is expected with the incorporation of a 280 MW Siemens steam turbine. From 2012 to 2019, CTEB’s historical average annual generation amounted to 1,461 GWh, with a generation record high of 2,093 GWh in 2016, and a record low of 564 GWh in 2019. Pampa operates CTEB until July 2023 and has a 50% indirect equity interest of CTBSA (CT Barragán S.A.), a company which only asset is CTEB.


The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on CTEB:

2018(1) 2019
Net Generation (GWh) 128
Purchases of Energy (GWh)
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 128

Note: (1) Pampa is the operator and holds a 50% equity stake as from June 26, 2019.


Technical Data

Plant Unit Installed Capacity (MW) Efficiency Fuel Start-Up Type of Unit
CTEB EBARTG01 284 567 37% Natural gas or gas oil 2012 Gas turbine
EBARTG02 284