Parque Pilar Thermal Power Plant (‘CTPP’)

In Northern Greater Buenos Aires CTPP is located, in the Pilar Industrial Complex, district of Pilar. Construction began in October 2016 pursuant to SEE (‘Secretariat of Electric Energy’) Res. No. 21/16, and the plant was commissioned on August 29, 2017. The plant consists of 6 Wärtsilä engines with an approximate 43% efficiency. It has a total 100 MW capacity, and may indistinctly consume fuel oil stored in own tanks or natural gas supplied through a dedicated gas pipeline connected with TGN (‘Transportadora de Gas del Norte’)’s main gas pipeline. The energy is evacuated through a 132 kV line connected to the Pilar substation owned by Edenor (‘Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte’). Its historical average annual generation since 2018 has been 213 GWh.


The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on CTPP:

2020 2021
Net Generation (GWh) 193 299
Purchases of Energy (GWh)
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 193 299


Technical Data

Plant Unit Installed Capacity (MW) Efficiency Fuel Start-Up Type of Unit
CTPP PILBDI01~06 100 45% Natural gas or fuel oil 2017 6 motor generators