Loma de la Lata Thermal Power Plant (‘CTLL’)

In the south of the Province of Neuquén, CTLL is located at Loma de la Lata, in the proximity of one of the largest gas fields in Latin America, which holds the same name. The plant was built in 1994 and consists of three gas turbines with an installed capacity of 375 MW, a 180 MW Siemens steam turbine installed in 2011 for its closing to combined cycle and which capacity was increased in January 2018, a 105 MW GE (‘General Electric’) aero-derivative gas turbine installed in May 2016, and the incorporation of a 105 MW GE gas turbine (August 2017) and a 15 MW MAN gas engines (August 2021). Therefore, CTLL’s total capacity amounts to 780 MW, representing 1.8% of Argentina’s installed capacity. From 1997 to 2020, the average annual generation was 2,093 GWh, with a record high of 5,096 GWh registered in 2019 and a record low of 272 GWh registered in 2002.



The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on CTLL:

2019 2020
Net Generation (GWh) 5,096 4,406
Purchases of Energy (GWh) 211
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 5,307 4,399
Average Price (US$/MWh) 53 36
Average Gross Profit (US$/MWh) 30 33

Note: Gross Margin before depreciation and amortization, values expressed in nominal terms. AR$/US$ exchange rate: 2019 – 48.23; 2020 – 70.59.


Technical Data

Plant Unit Installed Capacity (MW) Efficiency Fuel Start-Up Type de Unit
CTLL LDLATG01 125 780 50% Natural gas 1994 Gas turbine
LDLATG02 125
LDLATG03 125
LDLATV01 180 Steam 2011 Steam turbine (combined cycle)
LDLATG04 105 43% Natural gas 2016 Gas turbine
LDLATG05 105 2017
LDLMDI01 15 40% 2021 Gas engines