Genelba Thermal Power Plant (‘CTGEBA’)

CTGEBA is located in Marcos Paz, in the Province of Buenos Aires, a strategic location since it is just one kilometer from the Ezeiza transforming station, a WEM (‘Wholesale Electricity Market’) reference node for the supply of electricity to the country’s highest demand zone. The plant began operating in 1999 and has a combined cycle with a 674 MW installed capacity, which consists of two gas turbines of 219 MW each and a 236 MW steam turbine. On the same lot, there is a gas turbine with a 169 MW power capacity, known as Genelba Plus, which was repowered by 13 MW in June 2019, as well as a 188 MW gas turbine incorporated in June 2019 under the expansion to combined cycle process. Moreover, on July 2, 2020, the steam turbine of 199 MW was commissioned, completing Genelba Plus’s expansion project by closing to combined cycle and beginning the second combined cycle operation at CTGEBA.

CTGEBA’s first combined cycle is sold in the spot market, whereas Genelba Plus’ gas turbine energy is sold under Energía Plus. The gas turbine incorporated in 2019 was sold in the spot market until the commissioning of the steam turbine, starting the operation of the second combined cycle under a PPA (‘Power Purchase Agreement’) as of July 2, 2020.

Currently, the total installed capacity of the CTGEBA complex amounts to 1,243 MW, which represents 3.1% of Argentina’s installed capacity. From 2000 to 2019, CTGEBA’s historical average annual generation was 4,763 GWh, with a generation record high of 5,550 GWh in 2019, and a record low of 3,438 GWh in 2001.



The following chart shows certain relevant statistical data on CTGEBA:

2018 2019
Net Generation (GWh) 4,859 5,550
Purchases of Energy (GWh) 598 337
Total Energy Sales (GWh) 5,457 5,887
Average Price (US$/MWh) 36 46
Average Gross Profit (US$/MWh) 18 17

Note: Gross Margin before depreciation and amortization, values expressed in nominal terms. AR$/US$ exchange rate: 2018 – 28.13; 2019 – 48.23.


Technical Data

Plant Unit Installed Capacity (MW) Efficiency Fuel Start-Up Type of Unit
CTGEBA GEBATV01 236 1,243 56% Steam 1999 Steam turbine (combined cycle)
GEBATG01 219 Natural gas Gas turbine
GEBATG02 219
GEBATG03 (Plus) 182 53% 2009
GEBATG04 188 2019
GEBATV02 199 Steam 2020 Steam turbine (combined cycle)