Message from Gustavo Mariani, CEO of Pampa Energía

Buenos Aires, March 20, 2020


Dear all,


Amid unsettling times set by COVID-19, we’d like to send a message of reassurance and hold an ongoing and open dialogue with our stakeholders.

The supply of energy is key for the country’s functioning, hence we understand the importance of keep running our operations with the highest commitment and standards, as we always do.

In the first place, just as we detailed in our 2019 fourth quarter’s earnings release, I want to highlight again Pampa’s solid financial position to face this crisis, as a result of the Company’s outstanding job done in the past few years. This position grants us degrees of freedom to navigate this turmoil with confidence and ensuring the least impact to our Company.

In the second place, we want to highlight our operational strength. Although the uninterrupted provision of all our services is vital, today our top priority is caring the health and welfare of our employees and their families.

Therefore, we have implemented home office for all the job positions that are enabled to do so, at HQ as well as our plants, operating centers and E&P blocks. However, for those job positions that unavoidably require physical presence, we implemented a prevention and containment protocol to minimize any contagion risk: we significantly strengthened the hygiene measures, increased space room between workplaces, isolated critical workplaces, limited and raised monitoring over assets’ entrances, and provided private means of transportation, among other actions, which are coordinated by an interdisciplinary committee that reports to me. This committee monitors the situation on a daily basis, constantly reviewing all protocols to safeguard the integrity of our personnel and operations.

Moreover, we suspended all meetings, events and travels to conferences, though it does not mean our communication should be reduced. Hence, we want you to know we are fully available (via electronic means) for any inquiry, call, question, etc. – see contact info below. The proximity with our community is one of Pampa’s pillars and your support is highly appreciated, today more than ever.

We fully rely that with everybody’s effort we’ll overcome this situation.


Best regards,


Gustavo Mariani
CEO of Pampa Energía


For further information, please contact:

Gustavo Mariani – Chief Executive Officer
Ricardo Torres – Vice-President
Mariano Batistella – Planning, Strategy, Downstream and Affiliates Executive Director
Lida Wang – Investor Relations Officer

The Pampa Energía Building
Maipú 1, (C1084ABA), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 (11) 4344 6000