Shareholders Meeting

General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

Dates: May 11, 2020

Time: 11.00 am

Location: by Microsoft Teams system if it is held virtually (according to the terms of General Resolution No. 830/2020 of the Comision Nacional de Valores)

Information required for shareholders in order to attend the meeting:

1) Due to the Mandatory and Preventive Social Isolation in force set forth by the Executive Order No. 297/2020 until March 31, 2020 and extended to May 24, 2020 through Executive Orders No. 325/2020, 355/2020, 408/2020 and 459/2020, and in order to guarantee the right of our shareholders to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on May 11, 2020, registration will be processed electronically by sending certificates at, exceptionally and extraordinarily by May 5, 2020.

2) Holders of the Company’s ADRs will be contacted by JP Morgan Chase, our depositary bank, and those with holdings as of March 20, 2020, will be able to participate the meeting. The instructions, proxy card and materials will be distributed in the customary manner for a proxy vote. Should you have any inquiries regarding this matter, please contact JP Morgan Chase (Marcos L. Rivero).

3) In accordance with the Rules of the Argentine Securities Commission, as restated in 2013, the following details must be informed by the shareholders upon their registration for purposes of attendance at the meeting: first and last names or full corporate name; type and number of identity document if the shareholder is a individual or the details of corporate registration if the shareholder is a legal entity, expressly specifying the registry where it has been registered and the jurisdiction thereof; their domicile, specifying the nature thereof. The same details must be provided by any persons attending the Meeting as proxies for any shareholders.

4) Shareholders are reminded that, in accordance with the Rules of the Argentine Securities Commission, as restated in 2013, when a shareholder is a legal entity, (i) it shall be required to provide the names of the final beneficiaries holding the shares that represent the capital stock of such entity and the number of shares that will be voted; to such an effect, the first and last names, nationality, real domicile, date of birth, DNI [National Identity Document] or Passport number, CUIT [Taxpayer Identification Number], CUIL [Employee Identification Number] or any other form of tax identification and occupation must be provided, and (ii) in the case of companies organized abroad, any proxies appointed to vote at the Meeting shall have been duly registered with the applicable Public Registry under Section 118 or 123 of the Business Companies Law.

5) In addition, if the shareholder is a trust or any other similar entity, or a foundation or any other similar entity, whether public or private, in order to vote at the meeting it shall be required to comply with Section 26, Chapter II, Title II of the Regulations of the Argentine Securities Commission, as amended in 2013.

6) Shareholders are kindly requested to be at the place where the Meeting will be held not less than 15 minutes before the time set for the Meeting.


For further information,please contact:

Gustavo Mariani – CEO
Ricardo Torres – Executive Vice President
Mariano Batistella – Planning, Strategy, Downstream and Affiliates Executive Director
Lida Wang – Investor Relations Officer
María Carolina Sigwald – Legal Affairs Executive Director
Victoria Hitce – Legal Affairs Director
Agustina Montes – 
Legal Affairs Manager

The Pampa Energía Building
1 Maipú, (C1084ABA) Buenos Aires City, Argentina
Phone: +54 (11) 4344 6000

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