The Company’s shares trade on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (known as ‘BYMA’ as per Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos) under the ticker ‘PAMP’ and are part of the MERVAL Index, being one of the stock with most volume in the Argentine market. Furthermore, the Company joined the first sustainability stock index (non-traded) which, based on the methodology sponsored by the IADB, selected 15 listed companies with the best performance in terms of environmental, social and corporate government. Pampa is also a founding member of the first special stock quote panel, known as +GC Panel, which selects listed companies having the best corporate governance practices. Finally, the Company is listed on Bloomberg’s gender-equality stock index (non-traded), in which Pampa is the only Argentine company and one of the four selected companies in the energy sector.

Pampa also holds an ADSs (American Depositary Shares) Level II’s program, which represent 25 shares of common stock each. The Company commenced the trading of its ADSs in the New York Stock Exchange (‘NYSE’) under the ticker ‘PAM’ on October 9, 2009. Moreover, Pampa is one of the companies on the MSCI Emerging Markets and Frontier Emerging Markets Index (USD).