Current program

Share buyback program VIII Program
Maximum amount for repurchase US$30 million
Maximum price for repurchase AR$85.20/ordinary share or US$15/ADR
Period in force 120 days since Nov 3, 2020
Status In process

Note: Information updated as of December 28, 2020.


Former programs


Capital stock reductions

Date of shareholders’ meeting Ordinary shares ADRs Date of effective cancellation
2-Oct-2018 182,820,250 7,312,810 23-Nov-2018
1-Oct-2019 151,997,025 6,079,881 7-May-2020
7-Apr-2020 151,585,025 6,063,401 In process
10-Dec-2020 140,786,959 5,631,478 In process

Note: For further information, see ownership breakdown.