As a result of the state of emergency in the national electricity sector declared pursuant to Executive Order No. 134/15 of the PEN (Poder Ejecutivo Nacional or National Executive Branch), on March 22, 2016 the SEE (Secretariat of Electric Energy) issued Resolution No. 21/16 launching a call for bids for new thermal power generation capacity with the commitment to making it available through the WEM (Wholesale Electricity Market) for the 2016/2017 summer, 2017 winter, and 2017/2018 summer periods. Successful bidders entered a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for a fixed price (in US$/MW-month) and a variable price excluding fuels (in US$/MWh) with CAMMESA (Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico or the Argentine Wholesale Electricity Market Clearing Company), which acted on behalf of distributors and WEM’s large users.

Pampa was awarded the installation of gas turbine GT05 at CTLL (Loma de la Lata Thermal Power Plant) for 105 MW and the construction of CTIW (Ingeniero White Thermal Power Plant) for a 100 MW capacity, both of which have been in service since August and December 2017, respectively. Furthermore, Pampa acquired and developed CTPP (Parque Pilar Thermal Power Plant) for a 100 MW capacity, which was commissioned for service in August 2017.