On December 27, 2017, Law No. 27,424 was published, which declares the distributed generation of electric power from renewable sources destined to self-consumption and the possible injection of surpluses into the distribution network to be of national interest. The Law also establishes the distribution utility providers’ obligation to facilitate such injection by guaranteeing free access to the distribution network, notwithstanding the provinces’ own powers.

Executive Order No. 986/18 of the PEN (Poder Ejecutivo Nacional or National Executive Branch) issued in November 2018 and Resolution No. 314/18 of the SGE (former Government Secretariat of Energy) in December 2018 regulated the Regime Encouraging Grid-Integrated Renewable Energy Distributed Generation seeking to reach a 1,000 MW capacity within a term of 12 years.

As regards the billing scheme, it is expected that a balance will be reached between each user-generator’s consumption and injection. Moreover, distributors should file a monthly declaration to CAMMESA (Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico or the Argentine Wholesale Electricity Market Clearing Company) indicating the values corresponding to the electric power injected by users-generators.