In the month of June 2016, the performance of the Integral Tariff Review (RTI) was requested to the former Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEyM) as the tariffs were insufficient to develop a maintenance and investment plan that may guarantee the integrity of facilities, minimize wastages, prevent and detect fraud, and improve energy efficiency towards the evolution of the transportation service in terms of reliability and efficiency. Consequently, on March 10, 2017, a new US$-denominated tariff scheme was published providing for an average 34% increase, effective for a term of 5 years as from March 2017 (MEyM Resolution No. 49/17).

In November 2018 Pampa closed the sale of 21% of Oldelval’s (Oleoductos del Valle S.A.) capital stock to ExxonMobil, keeping a 2.1% equity interest in OldelVal.