Recommendation IV: Ensuring independence and transparency of the duties assigned to the Audit Committee and the External Auditor

Compliance: Total

Inform or Explain: Pursuant to the Bylaws, the CNV rules and the Audit Committee’s Regulations, this committee consists exclusively of independent members.



Compliance: Total

Inform or Explain: At Pampa, the Internal Audit area reports functionally to the Audit Committee, and administratively to the Executive Committee made up of the chairperson, the CEO and the vice-presidents.

At the beginning of every fiscal year, the Internal Audit area submits a proposed annual audit plan to the Audit Committee for its evaluation and approval. The plan’s performance is followed up on quarterly basis, and the progress report is submitted to the Audit Committee. This report summarizes the completed tasks and main findings.

On an annual basis, the Audit Committee evaluates the independence level and performance of the Internal Audit function in issues within its authority, and discloses its assessment in its annual report.

As a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Company uses the standards it considers reasonable and/or applicable without expressly adhering to them.



Compliance: Total

Inform or Explain: Upon the presentation and publication of Pampa’s annual FS, the Audit Committee conducts an annual assessment of the external auditors’ performance and issues an informed opinion pursuant to Section 18, Title V, Chapter III of CNV Rules (Text Restated in 2013) and the Audit Committee’s Internal Rules.



Compliance: Total

Inform or Explain: Pampa has no specific policy in place regarding turnover of members of the Supervisory Committee and/or the External Auditor, as it considers that no such policy is necessary as it fully complies with the applicable provisions in force.