Pampa has a Code of Business Conduct in place which lays down the ethical principles that constitute the foundation of the relationships between Pampa, its employees and other stakeholders (customers, suppliers, government, shareholders, community, etc.) by providing guidelines and supplying instruments that guarantee the transparency of affairs and proper Company management.

Moreover, Pampa has a Fraudulent Practices Prevention Policy and a Procedure for handling complaints. This last document describes the process to be followed from the reception of the complaint to the conclusion of the investigation and the application of any pertinent corrective action. One of the available instruments is the Ethics Hotline, an exclusive channel to report, on a strictly confidential basis, any suspected misconduct or breach to the Code of Business Conduct. This line can be accessed through different channels (website, toll-free telephone number or e-mail) and is managed by a third-party provider to ensure higher transparency. The Audit Committee is responsible for supervising the channel’s operation and the resolution of complaints in issues within its authority.