Section 35. The fiscal year shall extend from January 1 to December 31 each year, and an inventory of assets and liabilities and General Balance Sheet shall be prepared as of such end date.

Section 36. The balance of unappropriated earnings resulting at the end of each fiscal year, after the necessary deduction, when applicable, to create the Legal Reserve required under Law No. 19,550, shall be assigned in the following order of priority to: a) payment of Directors’ and Statutory Audit Committee’s members’ fees; b) the creation of optional reserves and provisions and allowances when such creation is duly justified; c) the payment of dividends to the holders of ordinary shares; d) any other uses as resolved by the Shareholders’ Meeting. Dividends may be paid in the form of shares when so resolved by the Shareholders’ Meeting. Any dividends not collected upon three years having elapsed after they were made available to the shareholders shall revert to the Company. In the absence of any profits to be distributed, the Meeting of Shareholders shall have powers to establish the amount of the remuneration it believes advisable to assign to Board and Statutory Audit Committee members for their tasks, taking into account the limits established by section 261 of Law No. 19,550 and regulations thereunder.