Section 1. Under the name “Pampa Energía S.A.” the company previously designated as “Pampa Holding S.A.” (hereinafter, the “Company”) and originally created as “Frigorífico La Pampa S.A.” continues to do business.

Section 2. The Company has its registered office in the city of Buenos Aires and may establish branches or agencies, and also manufacturing plants or warehouses and other establishments in any place in Argentina or abroad, either or not allocating a specified capital to such establishments.

Section 3. The duration of the Company shall continue until June 30, 2044, and may be extended for any period of time as determined by a resolution of a General Meeting of Shareholders.

Section 4. The Company’s purpose is to carry out in its own name, through or in association with third parties, for its own account or on behalf of third parties, in Argentina or abroad, the following activities: (a) Industrial: 1) Operations for the generation, transformation, transmission and distribution of electric power; 2) To explore, exploit, prospect, detect, probe and drill hydrocarbon and any other fields, areas and/or wells, and to develop mining activities generally; 3) to purchase, sell, lease and exploit drilling equipment, any spare parts and accessories thereof, and enter into any contracts and perform any acts and transactions related to mining extraction; 4) to manufacture, process, industrialize, purchase, sell, import, export and transport hydrocarbons and any byproducts thereof belonging to the Company or to third parties, either liquid, solid or gaseous; 5) to enter into any kind of contracts for the performance of works and/or services related to the foregoing activities; 6) Exploitation in any manner of agriculture, livestock-farming, fruit-growing, winemaking, olive grove, forestry growth and/or farming establishments; and 7) Production through any form of industrial process of agricultural or winemaking products or by-products. (b) Commercial: Commercial transactions by importing, exporting, selling and purchasing, transporting and distributing products and goods related to electric power, mining production, including the exercise or performance of activities as representative or commission, consignment and other agents. (c) Financial: Financial transactions generally; to extend loans and/or make capital contributions to individuals and companies in connection with business operations performed or to be performed; to provide guarantees, collateral and surety in favor of third parties; to sell, purchase and manage shares, governmental securities, debentures and other securities on any of the systems and in any form created or to be created, other than transactions falling within the scope of the Financial Entities Law. (d) Investment: Investing activities in undertakings and companies of any nature, in accordance with and subject to the limitations established by applicable laws and regulations; the Company may organize or take part in the organization of companies or purchase and hold equity interests in companies now existing or to be created in the future in Argentina or abroad, be a party to temporary business associations, cooperative associations, joint ventures and business associations. The Company may also, for investment purposes, purchase, develop and dispose of real and personal property of any kind, encumber and convey and receive such property under a lease, a concession or a financial lease. (e) Services: To provide services or act as an agent in its own name or for the benefit of third parties. To fulfill this purpose, the Company has full legal capacity to acquire rights and incur obligations and to perform any acts not prohibited by the laws and these bylaws. It is worth mentioning that the General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Pampa Energía held on May 11, 2020 approved the reform of Section No 4 in the By-Laws, in process of registration before the Argentina Public Registry of Organizations (‘IGJ’ or Inspección General de Justicia).