The Code is a resource which helps us to act ethically and responsibly in our daily activities.

The Code is not intended to cover all issues in detail, but shall at all times be used as a reference guide in our relationships with the community, customers, suppliers, colleagues and shareholders.

Employees shall exercise at all times common sense and good judgment when addressing business conduct issues, seeking guidance if they are uncertain on how to proceed in any specific circumstance.

To properly apply this Code:

2.1 Core Principles

Ethical conduct and the application of the values of integrity, excellence, entrepreneurship, responsibility and teamwork lay the groundwork for Pampa’s performance.

Any situation which may lead to a conflict of interest, an act of discrimination or harassment, or any actual and/or suspected knowledge of facts contrary to these Code’s principles shall be immediately communicated to a superior or through any of the available Reporting Channels:

  • By phone, through the confidential and toll-free Ethics Hotline.
  • By means of a confidential and anonymous message sent through a website.
  • By email.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the reported information, these channels are operated by a third-party provider.