1.1 Purpose

This Code of Business Conduct (‘the Code’) has been defined and adopted by the organization’s leaders and describes the principles and practices embraced by the Pampa Energía Group (hereinafter, ‘Pampa’). The Code shall be a guide in our daily actions and reaffirms Pampa’s ethical behavior guidelines.

It is therefore key for everyone to understand the importance of acting honestly as an essential component of professionalism, pursuant to the policies expressing Pampa’s ethical principles and assuming responsibilities from each job function.


1.2 Scope

This Code applies to all employees, irrespective of their hierarchy, within Pampa, its subsidiaries and their subsidiaries; Board and Supervisory Committee members; and fellows and interns (all of them, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Staff’).

Only subsidiaries having their own Code of Conduct duly approved by the Board of Directors are exempt from the application of the Code.